Profile and commitment

Shopping should always make you feel happy

Claire France is a genuine success story of a family-run business from Quebec. Its story is also a fitting tribute to women and their freedom.

In 1983, following the success of the Marie Claire brand, the Lafrance family opened their first Claire France boutique, catering to a market segment often overlooked by other banners. Shortly after, additional stores opened across Quebec followed by others in neighbouring provinces.

A Commitment to Women

Our goal at Claire France is to dress women while highlighting their beauty and praising their shapes and sizes. We want to create European-inspired fashion with a North American twist; fashion that takes into account but isn’t confined by numbers, sizes and measurements; fashion-forward styles first and foremost.

We believe that shopping should always make you feel happy. That is the motto of our design team in Montreal. Never mind torture, embarrassment and other size-related challenges … embrace a fashion of endless possibilities tailored to you: Claire France fashion.

We all share Claire France’s uplifting story carrying on each day, inspired by the most beautiful muses: our clients.