About us

A home-grown company dedicated to its clients

Claire France is a genuine success story of a family-run business from Quebec. Its story is also a fitting tribute to women and their diversity.

In 1983, following the success of the Marie Claire brand, the Lafrance family opened their first Claire France boutique, catering to a clientele often overlooked by other banners. Shortly after, additional stores opened across Quebec followed by others in neighbouring provinces.

A Commitment to Women

Our goal at Claire France is first and foremost to dress women. We strongly desire to create and inclusive environment where all women feel beautiful, stylish and are celebrated in all their different silhouettes.

Our team is dedicated to create fashion that is inspired by Europe, but adapted to the North American lifestly. Our designers in Montreal are devoted to making exceptional and unique creations, just like you!

Claire France's story was written by all of us, and everyday we continue to be inspired by the most beautiful muses: our clients.


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