Get the Avantage card!

Get the Avantage card!

Valid for one year
$20 Final Sale

Valid for one year, the Avantage card allows you to save 15% on all your purchases made at Claire France online and in store.

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How does it works?
I already have an Avantage card

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Privileges of the Avantage card

  • The Avantage card is valid for one year and allows you to save significantly starting with your very
    first purchase.
  • Get 15 % off all items bought in stores or online;
  • Do the math: Once you've made $130 of purchases, your yearly membership will have paid for itself. And even when an item is on sale, you still get your 15% Avantage discount.

How does it work?

To join the program, click the "Add to cart" button above or visit one of our stores. You will then receive a card with your own Avantage membership number.

To apply your Avantage card priviliges: 

  • In stores: Show your membership card at the checkout counter.
  • Online: Save your membership number in MY ACCOUNT section. Your 15% discount and your free return shipping will be applied automatically.

I already have the Avantage card

If you're planning to make purchases on our website, create an account and enter your membership card number. That way, your discount will apply automatically at every transaction!

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